Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rebates for Denver Homeowners!

Planning some home improvements that will make your home more efficient? Installing a low-flush toilet? How about a rain sensor on your new sprinkler system this spring? If so, you may have a rebate in your future! Denver Water is accepting applications for rebates for a number of products (both indoor and outdoor) in 2011.

Keep in mind, you must provide receipts, and you must submit no more than 90 days following your purchase. You can find more details on which consumer products qualify for the rebates, as well as the formal application at the Denver Water website Click Here.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Renting vs. Buying

Real Estate Website, just published a great study on the affordability of renting vs. buying in various cities across the U.S. Denver, so you know, is ranked as 'affordable to buy'. Click on the link below to link to their interactive map - showing the results of all the major cities they studied!

Click to view interactive rent v. buy map.

For your own Rent Vs. Buy Analysis, check out our Rent Vs. Buy Calculator HERE!


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