Monday, December 20, 2010

Favorite Homes of 2010

Reflecting back on 2010, there are so many Clients to thank for a wonderfully successful and rewarding year... to each and every one of you - thank you for your business! Here is a look back on the year, along with highlights from some of the many Buyers & Sellers I had the pleasure of working with...

Favorite Buyer Sale

Buyer, Kristi - Sloans Lake
This purchase was a long time in the making. Kristi had seen this duplex several times, and though it had everything she wanted (and more!), there were some challenges holding her back... a funky lot line, shared garage and party wall problems. Working together with the Seller, we were able to overcome all of these issues and she ended up with a WONDERFUL new home in a promising investment area. Congratulations, and thanks for your business and your creative, problem-solving approach!

Favorite Seller Sale

Seller, Chris - Littleton
Not only was Chris an absolute pleasure to work with - but he was also amazing to work with during a very difficult market! Despite doing EVERYTHING right, Chris had a long road to the closing table. This home was in perfect condition, staged, and just happened to be in an area that was hit pretty hard with distressed properties. Chris hung in there with me, and we were able to get him closed just in time for him to close on the home of his dreams - a new Loft in the heart of Downtown. Thanks for sticking with me, and for having such a positive attitude. Congratulations on your Sale!

Best 'Fit-For-The-Client' Deal

Buyer, Brent - Highlands

Talk about being patient! Brent must have looked at 100 homes in this area, and had several opportunities that just didn't go his way. Rather than giving up, he continued to believe that the right home was out there - and all his waiting led him to this beautiful single family home in a newer part of Highlands! He found a wonderful new home that fit his needs, he made no sacrifice on location, and we wish him many happy years in his new home. Congratulations, and thanks for sticking with your home search through thick and thin!

Favorite Investor Purchase

Buyer, Russell - Wheat Ridge
Now here is a Buyer with some vision! Russell had big renovation plans, and searched on and off for many months (and in many different areas). He finally decided on a charming mid-century brick home just outside of the popular Highlands neighborhood - and one that had some fantastic potential! I know it is still a work in progress, but first on his list were landscaping/curb appeal as well as a major kitchen remodel. Can't wait to see the 'after'!! Congratulations, Russell - and best wishes!

Most Charming Home

Buyers, Tara & Levi - Highlands
This purchase was a true Highlands Gem! Located in the 'Harkness Heights' neighborhood, this bungalow oozes charm from the moment you walk in the door. The perfect mix of original details and modern amenities, this home is a poster child for why Buyers fall in love with NW Denver. From the private yard to the sunken kitchen... the media room to the master suite... the hardwood floor detailing to the exposed brick - this home would leave any visitor envious. It was truly a pleasure working with each of you - and congratulations on your new place!

Favorite First Time Home Buyer Purchase

Buyers Devin & Rachel - NW Denver
Now what first time home buyer wouldn't be thrilled with this as their first kitchen?!? Devin & Rachel landed this adorable 1/2 duplex in Highlands, and it is completely remodeled (literally from top-to-bottom, or new-roof to finished basement). Working with First Time Home Buyers is so fun and rewarding - and this was the perfect example. These Buyers looked at this home and had the keys in their hands just about a month after beginning their search. Congratulations on your first home, and may 2011 bring you many blessings!!

Favorite Suburban Home Purchase

Buyers, Joe & Peggy - Old Littleton

This for-sale-by-owner home came with some wonderful features... including a huge park-like backyard, a totally remodeled kitchen, and a location near the heart of Old Littleton! Joe & Peggy were also on the receiving end of some nice repairs as a part of their inspection negotiation... which was a wonderful bonus! We thank you so much for your business, and hope you are enjoying all the space you have in your new suburban home!

Favorite Closing

Buyers, Zack & Monica - Edgewater
This home in Edgewater provided quite the education on Flood Insurance, and there were times when we weren't sure this deal would close! After learning more than they ever wanted to know the subject (and after we successfully removed the home from FEMA's flood map!) Zack & Monica and their adorable family are the proud new owners of this totally renovated home. They secured an amazing price, too - by sticking to their guns during a grueling negotiation. They are now the lucky owners of a beautiful home in a family friendly neighborhood - walking distance to many shops & restaurants. Congratulations on a successful closing, and thanks for your business

With so many wonderful clients, it was hard to stop here, but to those of you who I didn't mention, know that I am truly thankful for the opportunity to help you in 2010 - and I hope to work with you all again in the future! Congratulations on your 'piece' of Denver Real Estate, and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Calling All Denver Real Estate Investors...

Real estate investing has become a popular interest - and for some, it's a full time job! If you are considering adding some real estate to your investment portfolio, you may have an endless list of questions to consider. What is a cap-rate? What is a good cap-rate in MY area? What kind of cash-on-cash return is possible? What should I be looking for as I consider whether a property will 'cash flow' or not? Even once you identify an opportunity (and that is half the battle!), there are questions like 'how do I decide whether to use a property management company or do-it-myself?' Where can I get advice on leases, and should I consider incorporating my business? It can quickly become overwhelming...

Getting into the game of real estate investing can be extremely rewarding, but this is a time when your research will reward you - BIG time. We have a number of books, websites and resources for investors (helpful for everyone from those just starting out - to those who are looking for some advanced help with their investment decisions).

CONTACT US, and request a copy of our Investor E-Pack for additional information & we will be happy to help you get started (or continue down the investment path)!

In the meantime, if you'd like to browse some income properties in the Denver area, consider using This internet resource is an amazing source for leads, and your Realtor can follow up on properties that you'd like more information about.


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